Part 2 - 33.3% Return on Renovation

If you missed Part 1, click HERE to read about a 46.7% return on renovation of a condo.

As previously mentioned, I have been fortunate to work with sellers who want to maximize their return on their home. In doing so, we put together a plan to renovate their home, then list their property for sale. This approach is risky, takes capital, and patience from the home owners. But in the right urban situation, with the right team, the opportunity can create a ROR (return on renovation) of 30-100%.

A key to this equation is who will do the renovation? My wife, Diana Skellenger, is a female general contractor in Austin. For all my sellers, the only contractor I trust is Diana and her team at Skelly Home continues to lead the pack in quality, affordable construction. I must admit, I am on the team, but it's from a high level. :)

The second example is a home in Travis Heights. This home was purchased by the owners in 2005. Before the renovation, the home was worth $600,000 and looked like the following:

For this home, the plan was to renovate the entire home which included a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, wet bar, removing a load bearing pantry (seen in the top left photo), and paint the entire exterior.  The total budget for the renovation was $120,000 with a market price of $825,000. 

Yes, this is the same house. The renovation turned out as expected, outstanding! The home was listed, then sold for net $760,000, earning a return of renovation of 33.3%.


$760,000 - $600,000 = $160,000 Gross Gain on Renovation

$160,000 (Gross Profit on Renovation) - 120,000 (Renovation Cost) = $40,000 Net Return on Renovation  

$40,000 (Net Return on Renovation) / $120,000 (Renovation Cost) = 33.3% Return on Renovation

The Renovation approach can work with the right team.