Ditch the Suburbs and Head to Downtown ATX

I think we can all agree that Austin is a beautiful city, and downtown Austin displays the character of Austin in the very heart of the city.

Downtown Austin is endearing because it is so much more than just a concrete jungle. If you think about it, downtown Austin has everything that Austinites hold dear:

  1. Lots of green spaces, trails and outdoor amenities

    -The glorious Lady Bird Lake

    -The 10-mile Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail

    -The impressive Shoal Creek Trail

    -The beautiful Waller Creek Park

    -The vibrant Republic Square

  2. Live music on 6th Street and at Austin City Limits

  3. Easy access to world renowned festivals such as ACL and SXSW

  4. Award-winning restaurants

  5. Proximity to the University of Texas—Sports, Musicals, and Concert Venues

  6. A Farmer’s Market

  7. One of the nation’s best new public libraries

  8. A heathy dose of weird

More and more residents looking to downsize are now ditching their tired family home in the suburbs and opting to buy a luxury, full service condo in Downtown Austin. With restaurants, shopping, coffee, museums, entertainment and parks steps away from your door, you won’t have to get in your car every time you want to get a cup of coffee or see a movie. Plus, many of these luxury condos provide full service amenities like valet parking and on-site concierges without any exterior maintenance hassles. All of this allows you to spend your time doing the things you love and gives you the ability to savor the vibrant downtown lifestyle.

Downtown Austin condos come in all sizes and price ranges. Anything from the high $200k’s to the millions is typical. If you want to stay away from the louder side of Downtown, try the Warehouse District near 4th Street where you’ll find the more upscale restaurants and bars. A few of our favorite luxury buildings are The Austonian, The W Residences, and Avenue Lofts.

It’s really quite simple. Many people - both empty-nesters and millennials - are looking to simplify their lives. 

  • They value the ease of a "lock & leave" lifestyle

  • They can spend their spare time doing the things that they love instead of typical house chores - lawn, home repairs, etc.

  • They want to be be able to travel the world without having to worry about the security and maintenance of their home

  • They want to be closer to their jobs, cutting out the commute

In short, people want to take advantage of the benefits of modern life. For many, this means leaving behind last century’s model of suburban living.

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US Army to Austin with $37 Billion to Give Out

You may have heard the Apple or Amazon buzz, but there is one major economic development in Austin you may not have gotten the news about. Last summer, the US Army said, “We Want You!” to Austin, Texas, as they made a decision to locate their base for the country’s new high-tech, four-star Army Futures Command here.

 The new Command Center will be located in The University of Texas System’s building in downtown Austin and will not only be looking for partners in innovation from the University of Texas’ Cockrell School of Engineering,  but from many private sectors as well. In short, the Futures Command is all about developing newer, faster, stronger and better technology for the Army’s future. Many Army defense contracts of old can take decades to work through large corporate systems, and the Army wants to speed up that process with Austin’s young, agile, ambitious and incredibly talented high-tech entrepreneurs.  

 It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship, as the 500 person Command Center will have access to researchers and academia on UT’s campus as well as an initial relationship with Capital Factory, a co-working space in Austin that houses over 1000 entrepreneurial & start-up tech firms. Federal research grants, development dollars, and high-tech contracts are sure to follow, with an initial modernization budget of as much as $37 billion already awarded to the Army Futures Command (www.defenseone.com).

 The Army’s decision to locate in Austin will continue drawing innovative tech companies to Austin as they compete for Army contracts and help the Army implement innovations and modernize their processes.  So, when you consider the major tech leaders of the future in Austin, TX, don’t forget to add the US Army to your list!

2015-2018 ATX Urban Core Growth Trends

The final 2018 numbers are in, and the data confirms that the Austin real estate market continues to be on the rise in the urban core.

When comparing the numbers from 2017 to 2018, the median price, median price per square foot, overall dollar transactions in the urban core, highest price per square foot, and highest overall price all increased from 2017 to 2018. For example, the median price of a home in the urban core in 2017 was $434,000; in 2018, that same number increased to $450,000. The median price per square foot back in 2015 was $273.38. That number has increased almost $50 per square foot over the past 4 years, resulting in a median price per square foot in 2018 of $320.64.

Will prices continue to be on the rise for 2019? With Apple’s company announcement and the arrival of a major league soccer team in ATX, expansion and growth do not seem to be slowing down anytime in the real estate market of Austin, TX. Check out my urban core trends and market analysis below! For more market statistics and analysis in the downtown area specifically, click here!

Urban Core Stats 2015-2018.png

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