The Grove - New Urban Core Development

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The Grove is a new development coming to central Austin. Located just east of Mo-Pac between 45th street, bull creek, shoal creek, and Idlewild Rd, The Grove will sit on 75-acres.

The development will consist of 4 aspects:

  1. Mixed-Use District

  2. Diverse Community of Housing

  3. Trails

  4. Green belts and a park

Plus, the developer and city are committed to improve and expand streets for the added congestion.

Mixed-Use District

The Mixed-use district will consist of:

  • 150,000 SF retail

  • 225,000 SF office

  • 500 Apartments         

  • 300,000 SF assisted living

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Diverse Community of Housing

Diverse Community of Housing.png

The Grove will offer a variety of housing options, including

  • Detached SF homes (3 sizes)

  • Duplexes

  • Variety of Townhouses

  • Condominiums

  • Live-work units


Over 2 miles of hike, bike, run and walk trails will be found throughout The Grove.


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Green belts & a park

Greenbelts & Park.png

More than 19 acres of public park space will be walking distance from the homes.

If you'd like more details or pricing on the homes, do not hesitate to contact me.