Buying A Home Just Got Easier

The decision to buy a home is a big one, with many questions, factors and considerations along the way. Having a team of experts at your side facilitates the best decision for you and your family. As your representative, you will not only gain access to my real estate expertise, but also to several other specialists including roofers, engineers, plumbers, electricians, and a general contractor. I am fully committed to a successful purchase and equally dedicated to ensuring you have a complete understanding of the home, inside and out. As a buyer representative, I have successfully expedited the purchase of duplexes, condos, and houses.

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Buying Process

Step 1. Meet with Sean for complimentary consultation to establish relationship and prioritize home's checklist.

Step 2. Enter into a Buyer Representation Agreement.

Step 3. Obtain financing pre-approval.

Step 4. View homes that match your criteria and evaluate preferred homes.

Step 5. Prepare and understand the Purchase Agreement.

Step 6. Submit the offer and negotiate the deal.

Step 7. Enter Option Period.

Step 8. Send in the experts and download the experts' findings.

Step 9. Exit Option Period after a complete understanding of the home.

Step 10. Close and Move-in!